What is the Best Robot Vacuum?

Cleaning the house even with a vacuum cleaning is time consuming, and some people may even develop back pain while bending over to reach under furniture and tight corners and while lifting heavy objects. This is where a robot vacuum comes in handy- it does all the vacuuming by itself while you tend to other work!

Yes, the best robot vacuum cleaner is a tiny, powerful, automatic, hands-free, battery-charged vacuum cleaner which is usually disc-shaped. All you have to do is program it to vacuum your floors and rugs while you do something else. It’s engineered to collect all the dust, sand, dirt and lint on your floor and carpets.

As it’s very low-profile, it easily slides under sofas and chairs to clean them. So you no longer need to lift furniture up or aside to vacuum under them. You can even program these robot cleaners to automatically do their vacuuming at fixed times and days as needed. This serves as a boon for busy people, the aged and those with mobility problems.

Robot vacuums don’t need any special care and maintenance. All you have to do is replace its filter and brush as required, empty its dust bin with each use and make sure there is no trapped debris in the unit as it will only obstruct its overall performance.

Some models come with great features, and if they do not, you just have to buy them separately. Examples are a scheduler for it to clean while you are out, a remote control so that you needn’t bend to program the robovac, a wall-mount or hanger for the floor cleaner’s convenient storage, a self-charging base for its power, and virtual walls which restricts its movements so that it’s confined to a limited area.

Not only are robotic vacuum cleaners convenient for cleaning your home, it’s also a financially sound investment. You have to pay about $25-$35 per hour to hire cleaning services to clean your home while a robotic cleaner costs $100 or less on an average. All it takes are a few hours of its usage to recover the money you would have otherwise spent on the cleaning services!

Robotic vacuum cleaners even remember your house layout much better than you do! They won’t miss corners nor get stuck in corners or against walls as they follow the cleaning path you program into its memory.

These vacuums are best for people suffering from severe allergies or asthma as the robotic vacuum for allergies can reach into tight corners to pick up the allergens regular vacuums leave behind.

Some even remember where their charging station is and return to it once they are done with their vacuuming. There are some models which even throw away the accumulated debris into a receptacle.

So all you have to do is send these robotic vacuums to do their vacuuming once a day, which proves a boon to you as they help reduce your housework considerably.

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