Water for weight loss, how to drink water to lose weight

drink-water-to-loss-weight_1How to lose weight with water? “- A question I asked one of the readers. The theme of water and weight loss is really of interest to many. This is not surprising. Water has long been credited with special magical properties. Suffice it to recall the Russian fairy tales, many of which are necessarily present magical “living and dead” water.

The role of water in our lives is difficult to overestimate, it is one one of the elements of the universe, without which life is impossible.

Just how justified our hopes to lose weight with water? Let’s face it.
Lose weight with water. Myth or Reality?

Lose weight with the help of water can not be! But, at the same time, a sufficient amount of water flowing in our body, can greatly speed the process of weight loss and, most importantly, to ensure its safety. Now, first things first.

Why do I say that to lose weight with water is impossible? Because sustainable weight loss is only possible if the change of eating behavior and the transition to a balanced diet.

And if in the hope to lose weight, you will be drinking liters of purified water, or water with lemon juice or melted, while not doing anything to change the style of food and eating behavior – your efforts will be useless.

Water is important in the process of weight loss, but by itself can not be the basis of a weight reduction program.

The role of water in the body is high. On 2/3 we are made of water. Every day, our body “loses” about 2.5 liters (with then – 0.8 liters, through the intestines – 0.13 liters, breathing – 0.32 liters, through the kidneys – 1.5 liters). In the hot season the water consumption by the body can be increased.

The most common recommendation for people to lose weight, is a consumption of 1.5 liters of water per day. Note, not liquid, namely water. These are not included 1.5 liters of liquid containing water: juices, sodas, fruit drinks, milk, broths, other liquid food.
Why is it important to drink water during weight loss?

benefits-of-drinking-waterOne reason for the importance of water consumption during the weight loss is the need to detoxify the body.

The fat in the body, among other functions, is also store toxins. In the process of fat reserves, the released toxins are eliminated from the body through sweat, through the kidneys and intestines.

If in this period, the body is not enough water will flow, detoxify the system will work with the excessive load and the risk that it will not cope with the task, increases many times. This would indicate a sharp unpleasant smell of sweat, constipation, a rare visit to the toilet, edema.

Biochemical processes in the cells of our body take place properly only if the content of the optimal amount of water. The splitting of fat in adipocytes of fat cells – a complex biochemical process, which also needs water. And the lack of it in the period of weight loss will adversely affect the rate at which the body breaks up fat.

Pay special attention to the fact that the lack of water during weight loss may increase the risk of gallstones, kidney, bladder, lead to an increase in the density of the blood.

Recent studies show a high degree of dependence between the water level and a state of health of human body. Thus, a sufficient amount of water in the body can:

improve mental and physical activity;
reduce the effects of stress;
improve attention and remove mental fatigue.

iHow to drink water, so that it helped reduce the weight?

It often happens that the need to drink water, we simply forget, and then, suddenly remembering, begin to fill in for a few drinks at a time to perform the necessary rate. Of course, it need not do.

It is best when the water comes into our body and regularly in small portions. Then she is called, “absorbed” by the body and is the most benefit.

Very many people concerned about the issue: “When drinking water: before meals, after meals or with food.”

On this account, there are many different opinions, the most common of them that the water you need to drink necessarily for 1 hour before meals or 1 hour after. With this I do not agree. Let me explain why.

Some people believe that the water that we drink just before a meal or immediately after, dilutes the gastric juice, thereby impairing the digestive process.

Strongly disagree. Our stomach is not just a bag, in which the food is dumped into the big pile, and it is digested. Stomach – a complex muscular organ having longitudinal folds.

Once in the stomach, the water passes through the longitudinal folds of the lesser curvature, does not mix with the contents of the stomach and leaves it rapidly, doing a 12-duodenum. In this connection it harm the digestion process can not.

I’ll tell you about their observations of how people drink water. Some time ago I lived in France. All restaurants and cafes on the table sure was a carafe of water, which the French drink during the meal, exactly as they do when going to the table at home. The same situation I saw during a recent trip to Mexico.

Friends, drink whenever thirsty. Before, during or after meals. Not instead of eating! Do not try to drown out the hunger that you feel the water. It will not help. Hunger should just feed.

If you are now almost do not drink clean water (and there are a lot of people), start doing it for the sake of his health, but gradually, without excessive stiffness in relation to your body. Start with 3-4 glasses and gradually increase to the recommended intake of at least 1.5 liters per day, while watching your health. Remember that the optimum drinking regime is also an excellent prevention of edema. +

Of course, if you suffer from urinary system diseases and other chronic diseases, before changing the drinking regime, consult with your doctor!

So, friends, lose weight with water is impossible, but it is also unlikely to be without water. So drink to your health!

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