Sewing machine for beginners: Tips for choosing

Sewing machine for beginners: How to choose?

Girl and a sewing machine on a light backgroundNot every woman can pick up a beautiful dress in a store. One thing not “sit” on the figure, the other the wrong color, and the third an inappropriate length. It is at such moments of women think is their own tailoring.

Of course, someone will say that it is easier to apply to the studio for a professional seamstress, but, unfortunately, find one that is able to pay any of your intentions in life customer, very hard.

Therefore, more and more women are starting to think about what kind of sewing machine to choose it, if experience in this matter not at all. The issue is complicated, but it can respond to every woman, most importantly, to know some of the selection criteria and to decide what is required of the purchased unit.
Sewing machines for beginners as they are?

Machines for sewing are divided into three types:


To understand what is better to choose a sewing machine for beginners, should be considered in detail all three.

For most mechanical sewing machine – an echo of the past, the unit, which can be bought either from some old lady or in a thrift shop. However, if you have somewhere in the attic is such a machine with a foot or hand operated, do not rush to throw it, it is quite suitable for sewing. Try their hand at first on an old unit, it will allow you to understand whether or not to spend money on a modern sewing machine.

But remember, the mechanical “old” can only do a straight stitch, miracles from it do not wait.

For beginners, skilled workers will be a wonderful option electromechanical assistant. It is somewhat reminiscent of a mechanical typewriter, but it is equipped with a drive, which starts as soon as you press the pedal. These units are able to quite a lot. This sewing machine, you can make different stitches, embroidery, used to sew, sew on buttons of.

0433551The models of sewing machines can be different, but to name the most popular manufacturers, this will be the firm Janome, Bernina, Family, Brother and others. Electromechanical assistants are considered to be the most reasonable choice for beginners handy people and experienced dressmakers.

Those who have the budget to buy a new “toy” is unlimited, and they want to get not just a device for sewing, but also an adviser, you should pay attention to the machines with computer control.

Such units are equipped with a microprocessor and a display. The number of features and capabilities of such devices is simply amazing and happy. They can not just sew beautiful clothes, but also to create embroidery. And you can lay on some models in the sequence of memory elements and the machine will embroider such patterns that are created manually is simply unrealistic.

Smart unit will advise you what seam optimally selected depending on the tissue, whether or not to treat the fabric overlock, will choose the force to puncture, focusing on the density of matter, will report an error if necessary.

It is said that the price of such products is high, the repair is complicated, so it needs to be operated carefully following all the recommendations of the instructions. Those who still dare to such purchase, will be able to try out different kinds of crafts and learn how to create a truly remarkable things.
How to choose a sewing machine for beginners: basic criteria

Before purchasing assistant for clothing, you must decide on the following criteria:

material of which the housing parts and. In the low-cost models are often used plastic that with frequent use comes into disrepair. Therefore, the best option is to buy the device with metal parts;
power. This figure is very important as it determines the effect of a puncture. Most models of economy class designed for sewing articles made of light fabric, a dense material such as denim, they can not afford. Therefore, before buying verify such nuance from the seller;
sewing speed. The electric sewing units is simple, the more you press down on the pedal, the faster the sewing. Only for beginners high speed – not always a plus. Therefore, at the stage of learning is better to do everything slowly, but carefully, and as soon as the experience comes, it is possible to increase the tempo;
foot pressing force of matter. Some typewriters, this function is automatically adjusted, in other hand. Therefore, if you plan to sew a thick cloth, then select the machine, in which foot is raised high;
shuttle type. Beginners needlewoman damage if heard that machines for sewing may have different shuttles. In fact, the shuttles are of two types: vertical (they are equipped with all economy-class model) and horizontal (eg mounted on expensive models designed for professional masters). People who have surplus funds and plan to buy a helpmate than once, it is recommended to give preference to products with horizontal hook;
types of lines. Most affordable electromechanical devices allow you to work with a large list of different joints. But as practice shows, not all shovchik used even by professional skilled workers. Therefore, a sewing machine for beginners should be with overlock, zig-zag stitch and have to be able to buttonhole loops. That will be enough;
equipment. Before you run to pay for a new purchase, look in the box and see what comes. At least there should be a cord, removable foot and needle.

As mentioned above, an excellent manufacturer of sewing machines for beginners will be firm Janome, Bernina, Family, Brother and others.

They are acceptable for the price and quality and allows you to try your hand at needlework, so going to the store in the first place pay attention to these brands. Good luck to you the choice!

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