How to choose Bissell proheat 2x Carpet Cleaner

How to choose Bissell proheat 2x Carpet Cleaner?

A huge amount of time we spend on the fight for the purity and our enemy, house dust, can not be completely cut off than ever. She transferred to the air, settles in our rooms, on the furniture, carpets, curtains, any open items, is always present in the air.

If you collect all the dirt and dust for a year, the average 2-3 room apartment of her typed about 10 kg.

_3And these are already weighing 10 kilograms have a serious threat to human health, as can cause serious diseases of the respiratory tract (laryngitis, trachea, bronchial asthma), various allergies, dermatitis. The smaller dust particles, the deeper their penetration into the respiratory system of a person, even in the lungs.

Unclean air in the room or, as they say, “sick building syndrome” is bad for sleep, disabled person, causes headaches, fatigue, lowers resistance to various diseases. Therefore, it is important to promptly and seriously deal with household dust. And help us in this household sweeper – carpet cleaner.

Who vacuums are practically in every home. And if before consumers can (and sometimes do not have) to buy a domestic carpet cleaner, the modern market is represented by the most different models from different manufacturers, different types and functions.

Selection of the Bissell proheat 2x pet carpet cleaner power

One of the performance characteristics of the carpet cleaner is working capacity. It is necessary to distinguish between consumption of cleaner power and dust suction power.

Consumed power vacuum ranges from 1300 to 2000 watts. As example Hoover Carpet cleaner

Power consumption gives an opportunity to evaluate the carpet cleaner in terms of energy, ie, to evaluate the electrical load on your network. The maximum power consumption is valid for a few seconds after switching on the carpet cleaner.

It is believed that the greater the power consumption, the better the carpet cleaner collects dust. While vacuuming efficiency is not a direct relation to the power consumption, as this efficiency is influenced by many other factors. Therefore, several carpet cleaners with the same wattage may have different suction power.

a9c299c293c8a40862315f244d1efc3e-png-750x750_q85The suction power of the Bissell proheat 2x carpet cleaner from 250 to 480 watts.

From the suction power efficiency of cleaning it depends, as the greater the suction power, the better it will be removed the carpet, the more hard knocks dust will pull a carpet cleaner. E. The greater the suction power, the better.

There are an average effective suction power and maximum suction power.

The average effective absorption capacity – it is the ability of a carpet cleaner for a long time with a certain capacity to absorb dust. It is determined after the first 5 minutes of operation of the carpet cleaner.

Maximum absorption capacity – is the power with which the carpet cleaner sucks dust first few minutes. It is usually 15-30% more than the average effective absorption capacity. This is the highest indicator of suction power.

High suction power decreases as the dirt and the dust bag filling. When choosing a carpet cleaner, pay attention on the average suction power, ie to vacuuming -.. Process is longer than the first 5 minutes.

Some manufacturers only in the maximum discharge point as an indicator of suction power. But knowing only the maximum discharge, calculate the suction power is not possible. Sometimes indicates the maximum and average power of suction. The more suction power, the greater the flow of the intake air inside the carpet cleaner.

Consumers often can choose the power of the carpet cleaner using the power switch, depending on the degree of contamination of the crop space. Therefore it is better to buy a carpet cleaner with more power and using power control to use it is not powerful enough for the contaminated surfaces than overtax the carpet cleaner with low power absorption.

bissellproheat2x9500The suction power of the carpet cleaner is determined by the discharge (h) and air flow (q) and is equal to their product. P = qh (aero W)

Carpet cleaner characterizes the ability to suck up dust. It is measured in Pascals (Pa). The intensity of the air flow shows how much air passes through a carpet cleaner per unit time. Measured in m3 / min or dm3 / sec.

Suction power is dependent on both the criteria of their normal ratio. After all, if the air flow is good enough, and the vacuum is weak, any resistance will cause a sharp decrease in the efficiency of the carpet cleaner.

If the vacuum is sufficient, and the air flow is weak, the heavier particles will remain on the floor or carpet. To clean small rooms (apartments) suitable carpet cleaner with a suction capacity of 250 watts. If significant contamination, and have little time for cleaning, and the room should be clean, look for models with output power of 300 watts. If you use the turbo brush, looking at a model with a capacity of 350 watts.

When choosing a carpet cleaner should pay attention to the ratio of power consumption and the suction power to choose a model that will suit you in power and energy efficiency. Preferably, at not very high energy absorption capacity was sufficient.

filters in carpet cleaners (Hepa filters and aqua)

The filtration system is designed to minimize the amount of particles blown from a carpet cleaner. The expensive models have up to 10 filters. The principle of operation of the carpet cleaner is as follows:
carpet cleaner with a certain power sucks dust, dirt, small particles;
then this garbage with the air passes filter bag, tank or aqua-filter, which retained the basic amount of dirt: large particles, sand;
then air passes through the filter to the motor; This filter protects the motor from the contents of the previous stage in the case of sudden depressurization of the system for collecting the main debris; this filter also does not affect the air purification system;
After passing through the filter at the outlet of the carpet cleaner, which is also called the fine filter; it is responsible for cleaning the air. It may be a microfilter, S-class filters, HEPA filters, which are designed to prevent ingress of tiny particles of dust, viruses, bacteria, pollen back to clean the room. The efficiency of HEPA filters is estimated by the number of detainees tiny particles as small as 0.3 microns.

The degree of filtration of air can be measured in mg / m3 (milligrams per cubic meter). It shows how many milligrams of dust contained in one cubic meter of air discharged from the carpet cleaner. The maximum allowable concentration, 10mg / m3.

Also, the degree of air purity is measured by the percentage of retention of particles of different sizes. And the smallest particles are the most difficult to apprehend. Have good models of carpet cleaners, this percentage is 99.97 or more.

Once again, that the filtration system at all three stages of carpet cleaners: dust bag, motor filter, the output of the fine filter. More filters from expensive models is a kind of marketing ploy.

Carpet cleaner bags, filters for carpet cleaners (Hepa filters and aqua)

iThe first stage is filtratsii- dust and dirt collect in the dust bags, plastic tank, aqua -filter.

Dust may be removable paper or reusable textile. Removable paper is now favored by many manufacturers, t. To. They better retain fine particles. They are composed of 2-3 layers, which helps to effectively delay the dust. With regular use of the carpet cleaner is enough for a month. These filters are quite roomy. All dust is collected in the middle of the bag and to delete it enough to simply throw the dust clogged (very convenient) and put a new one. But they need to constantly replenish stocks. This requires additional time and cost to purchase them.

A reusable textile dust collectors dust passes like a sieve, and the subsequent filters heavily contaminated. Also, to remove dust from the dust collector of this, it is necessary to shake out manually, which is difficult and not hygienic. The advantage of these bags is that they repeated use, and disposable dust bags have a tendency to end up in is not the most appropriate period.

Many companies offer and removable and reusable dust collectors, and you already can choose how to use at the moment.

Collecting the dust in plastic tanks used in a carpet cleaner with a cyclone system. It is a system that allows you to separate the solids from the gas. The air inside the tank is twisted circular filter, like a tornado. Thus cyclone throws solids to the walls, making it impossible to get to the center. Through the middle of the purified air passes freely. In such air purification capacity slightly weakened by twisting the air flow within the system. But at the same time, like the air it is much faster than through the filter clogged with dust.

The main advantage of the cyclone type carpet cleaner or, as they are called, carpet cleaner without dust bag – the constant rate of power intake. These carpet cleaners are easy to use, does not require the purchase of additional bags. The disadvantages of these vacuums should include the need for manual cleaning of garbage containers. Also, the carpet cleaner has a rather complex design, and manufacturers have to work considerably to reduce energy consumption, which in this type of carpet cleaners are not only absorption but also to create a vortex flow. Furthermore, the container may resonate, creating additional noise. These carpet cleaners have appeared on the market for less than 10 years ago, but has already managed to win most of the carpet cleaners market.

Bissell proheat 2x pet advanced Carpet cleaners with aqua – filter. Water has always been the best natural cleanser. Therefore, many companies use aqua filters. A vacuum inside the water tank. The sucked air passes through the aqua filter dirt and dust accumulates in the water and the air exits. Work the cleaner more effective, the better it mixed water, air and dust, and the more intense the water heavier dust particles, precipitating them.

This system is good because it does not need to spend money on dust bags, and air during operation of the carpet cleaner humidified, causing the dust settles in the room. At these high vacuums filtration (to 99.97%). The great value in such carpet cleaners have subsequent filters m. K. The dust may be transported through the water with small air bubbles. It should also be remembered that the dirty water after cleaning it is necessary to pour, bay washed and dried. Furthermore, these carpet cleaners have considerable cost, they are heavier and dimensions. The kit should include such equipment electro knocks for deep cleaning.

The next step filtratsii- filter located in front of the motor (motor filter). It protects the motor from clogging, it fails, overheating.

Perhaps interchangeable, then it changed with the change of the dust bag. But more often is a constant. It does not require replacement, it must be periodically cleaned, and then it will last you until the end of the service life of a carpet cleaner.

The third stage of filtration – is a fine filters. They are designed to arrest the smallest particles, allergens and microorganisms responsible for the clean air at the outlet of the carpet cleaner.

Among the fine filters emit electrostatic microfilter, S-Class filters and HEPA filters. These types of filters are different from other effective detention of tiny particles and microorganisms greater than 0.3 micron and life. Consider each of the above mentioned types of filters.

Electrostatic Microfilters retain microparticles of more than 0.3 micron. They purify the air outlet on 80-99,9%.

S-class filters absorb not less than 99.97% of the smallest particles. According normePIN24184: particle delay of more than 0.3 microns (0.03 mm) These filters are used from one year to several years.

HEPA filters class (High Efficiency Particulate Air), t. E. “High-performance air purification” chetyrehklassovuyu provide protection with varying degrees of effectiveness. they serve as filters and S-class, several years. May be reusable or disposable, which was washed with water. And then they serve until the end of the life of the carpet cleaner. HEPA Filters norm EN1822 detain particles larger than 0.06 micron (0.0006 mm). There are several types of HEPA filters, the effectiveness of which in the norm EN 1822 is as follows:
HEPA H 10 – not less than 85%;
HEPA H 11 – not less than 95%;
HEPA H 12 – not less than 99.5%;
Nepal H 13% -not menee99,95

These filters are made of special porous material based on glass fiber, which provides the smallest pore branching network.

S-Class filters and HEPA filters have been designed for use in medical laboratories, which make high demands for clean air. They purify the air from virtually all allergens.

It should be noted that HEPA filters of class H 10 and H 11 HEPA less effective than S-class filters. A HEPA filter HEPA H 12 and H 13 provide more effective cleaning than S-class filters.

Sometimes carpet cleaners are sold without the fine filters. They can additionally buy and install. But first you need to consult with experts. There are cleaners that are not intended to install such filters. We should not forget that extra comfort and pleasure, and require additional costs.

Many consumers are concerned that the dust bags and filters that are suitable for a specific carpet cleaner model, may disappear from the stores a few years later. It should be noted that the solid firms typically produce universal filters, and vacuum release and filters for carpet cleaners models disappeared from the market, continued for many years after the removal of carpet cleaner production.

The level of the noise of the carpet cleaner

Another of the important data in determining the efficiency of the carpet cleaner, is noise that is generated when the carpet cleaner.

This is quite a serious factor that many people pay attention. After cleaning has to deal often enough, and no one wants to have an extra headache from the terrible roaring carpet cleaner. Person choosing a carpet cleaner, you should pay attention to the noise parameters, which it creates.

There are certain standards the maximum permissible level of noise of the carpet cleaner. The noise level is measured in dB. Determination of the noise level passes at the factory. Ready cleaner include network. On rasstoyanii30-50 see him set the microphone and the device, which for a certain time, measures and records the noise level. Then the process is repeated 2-3 times and find a constant noise.

For carpet cleaners set norm noise. This rate varies from 71 to 80 dB. To help you sort out what is the noise, we inform that the noise level is very quiet whisper people – 40 dB.

Type of cleaning: dry cleaning, wet, combined (washing, carpet cleaner mnogofuktsionalnoy)

Before buying a carpet cleaner should decide that you will clean up and where. If you need to remove a small room, you should stay on the carpet cleaner for dry cleaning.

They vacuumed uncovered floor, carpet, rugs, furniture, clothing. Perfect for a carpet cleaner, parquet, natural carpet, piano, grand piano, ie, subjects who do not tolerate moisture.

They are cheaper and easier than carpet cleaners for wet cleaning, do not require additional expenses for cleaning supplies and small.

There are several types of “dry” carpet cleaners: conventional (balloon), vertical built-in carpet cleaners and robots.

Conventional carpet cleaners (balloon) is used to clean the floor, carpet, carpets, furniture. These in turn are divided into compact (5.7 kg), and full size manual (9.8 kg). Compact carpet cleaners are inexpensive. They are easy to move. Convenient for cleaning the cabinets, closets. The full-size carpet cleaner more solid, but almost twice as expensive. They have more features, larger dust bag, display processes. There are hand-held carpet cleaners, which can be strengthened on the telescopic handle. The unit can be mounted from the top or bottom handle. purification system in such carpet cleaners is not worse than the others. This carpet cleaner has a low weight, volume and dimensions. It’s easy to hide in the closet.

Vertical carpet cleaners are becoming more common in the West. They are designed for cleaning large areas. Vertical carpet cleaners better than conventional clean dirt, easy to use, well struggling with allergens. But they are quite noisy and cumbersome.

Built-in carpet cleaners (VAKUFLO system) are interesting in that the collected dust is removed from the premises, along with odors and allergens from the built-in wall, floor ducts. The main vacuum unit with integrated engine taken out of the room. These carpet cleaners are absolutely silent. In the wall there is an automatic nest that is similar to an electrical outlet through which it connects to the hose with different nozzles. The degree of cleaning power and are better than any other carpet cleaner. These carpet cleaners are quite expensive, difficult to install them. Install them at the time of the repair or construction of the house.


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